Ryan B
The Coral Reef Crisis

One day in a little coral reef off the coast of Indonesia, the Prince Crab Eeore the III caught a bad barnacle. It was thought that it would find a crack in his shell and release cells into his blood stream and take all the nutrients out of his blood, eventually killing him (an example of parasitism). Even his dad, Dr. Doofenshmerts the Boxer Crab, couldn’t use his sea anemones to shock it off of him. Dr. Doofenshmerts usually just used the sea anemones to protect him, and the sea anemones get food that he drops (an example of mutualism). Eeore was very sad and depressed because he was dying.
Eeore went to the king of the coral reef, Frenchii. Eeore wanted to ask the King if he knew anything about his sickness. He walked into the palace and he caught Frenchii eating a fish (an example of predator prey). Then, he swam and told the rest of the coral reef about what we saw. Frenchii was shunned, and kicked out of the palace. Everyone becomes scared of Frenchii. Even the remora that lived on Frenchii swam away (an example of commensalisms).
The fish elected a new king, Tony Baroni. He made a law that said sharks were banned from the coral reef. But one day Eeore went missing. His Dad knew right where he went he went…. to shark land. So, the new king Tony Barony put together an elite squad to go fight the shark.
Eeore showed up at shark land the most dangerous part in the sea. He met Frenchii face to face in a terrible gaze. He was looking terrible. His eyes were blood shot, he was foaming at the mouth, and he was shaking. Eeore chased Frenchii all arouned and after a long chase, Frenchii shallows Eeore.
Dr. Doofenshmirts and Tony Baroni swim up and ask Frenchii where Eeore was. He replies, “I swallowed him,” and then starts laughing hysterically. Tony Baroni goes up to Frenchii and says, “I am Tony Baroni, and I will break your fins.” He snaps twice and a huge whale comes down and crushes Frenchii. But to everyone’s surprise, Eeore climbes out of the sharks giant jaws. They all fled back to their section in the coral reef and sharks never came back in fear of what happened to Frenchii.They all decided that now that Eeore should be the king because he was the prince. The fish crisis was ended.



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