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Coral Reef

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Coral Reefs are located all throughout the tropical and subtropical Western Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific oceans. They are usually on the eastern seaboards of islands and cotinents because of the movement of currents in the western regions of seas and oceans. Some of the bigger reefs are in the Indian Ocean,the Caribbean Sea, the South Pacific, the Red Sea, and the Great Barrier Reef. They are found predominantly in tropical waters within 30 degrees North or South of the equator. Coral Reefs are commonly found at shallow depths, particularly in the Pacific Ocean. Deep and cold water coral reefs also exists on a smaller scale. An example of one Coral Reef is the Great Barrier Reef. It is located off the south east coast of Austrailia.

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Since Coral Reefs are found around the world, the climates may very from place to place. There are 3 different zones in a Coral Reef.

The reef flat (0-2m. deep), the reef slope (2-10m. deep), and the outer reef (10-30m. deep).

The temperature is warmest at the surface and coldest at the ocean bottom. The temperature varies between reefs depending on their location on Earth. The typical temperature ranges from 23-29 degrees Celsius. There is only one season in the coral reef because it is under water. There is also no precipitation in the coral reef.


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