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In the Atacama Desert in the summer, the temperature on
desert in the summer
desert in the summer

average is 22 degrees Celcius. At night, the temperature is 4
degrees Celcius. In the average winter, the temperature
ranges from 16-27 degrees Celcius. The Atacama Desert
only has two seasons, the winter is June, July, and August,
and the summer is January, February, and March. Unlike
many other deserts the Atacama Desert is a relatively cold desert.
There are many different locations of deserts.
Alot of them are located in North America, South America
Australia, and Africa.
The Sahara desert has 4 seasons. Summer, Winter, and two rainy seasons.
In the average Summer, the temperature gets to 30 degrees Celcius.In Winter, it
only gets to 13 degrees Celcius. In the rainy seasons, the temperature only gets to 11 degrees C.
The average precipitation in the rainy seasons is 8 cm. The average precipitation in the Winter is 6
cm, and the average precipitation in the Summer is 3 cm.

winter desert
winter desert
rainy desert
rainy desert

The Difference between a cold desert and a hot desert is
summer desert
summer desert
other rainy desert
other rainy desert

a cold desert is freezing and the ground is covered
with snow. A hot desert is firey and it has sand.

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