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Estuary Conservation

Positive Human Impact(Amani)

The National Estuary Program has restored, maintained the physical, chemical, and biological qualities of many estuaries. They've made conservation plans to protect estuaries and have worked with fedral, states, and tribal governments to tailor activities of their local estuaries. The National Estuary Program is also picking up trash on the coasts of estuaries.

Negative Human Impact(Kadin)

Estuaries can naturally obtain nutrients (eutrophication) as they age. Growth in human population has caused the estuaries to get nutrients faster than they normally would. This can cause fish disease, toxic and nontoxic algae blooms, low dissolved oxygen levels, and change in levels of plankton life.

Toxicants and pathogens can also enter the estuary, toxicants like organic substances and different types of metal, may cause direct effect on all estuarine life. The toxicants will be passed up the food chain impacting all types of life in the estuary.

Problem 1 and possible solution(Amani)

Toxic substances have entered many estuaries due to water pollution. This is effecting the water quality. For example, fish are getting diseasess due to algal blooms, and sulfer is being found in fishes bodies, which has caused stress and damage to many organisms. It also effects humans because estuaries have a wide variety of organisms that people eat.

Remember that the substances that go down your drain will eventually reach a body of water, affecting all the fish. If you use non-toxic cleaning supplies, it may save a estuary.

Problem 2 and possible solution(Kadin) trash_on_estuary.jpg
There have been lots of contamination, algal blooms, and erosion in estuaries around the world this is due to carelessness of keeping estuaries clean. There has also been a reduced rate of biodiversity in estuary waters and their shores. It is a huge problem but there is an easy way to stop it.

Humans can dump toxic waste into contained ares instead of into lakes and rivers. They can clean up the water in the estuaries of plastic and other harmul materials. They also can preserve the banks by not building near the estuaries or take the sand from its banks, only this could save a lot of lives.toxicated_estuary.jpg


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