Kadin S.
Amani A.

A Week in the Estuary

It was a warm day in the Mississippi River Estuary, and all the animals were happily swimming around. Sammy, the sea otter, was floating in the water next to Emily, the black tailed godwit (bird).

“Ughh, I just found out that the crocodile ate my dad!"Said Emily in a sad voice.

“Oh man that really sucks. He ate my best friend last week.”Sammy replied.Sea_Otter.jpg

Sammy and Emily talked a while about the mean crocodile. But, The whole time the crocodile had been listening to their conversation. Enraged for being called mean, he went and ate Billy, the chum salmon. Sammy and Emily heard the sound of Billy yelling, and went to see what was happening.

When they got there, they saw Billy in the crocodile’s mouth.

Sammy cried, “Nooo!!!”

But it was too late to save Billy. They went to bed that night sorrowful. Emily flew up to her nest in the big cedar tree to sleep. The tree said good night, but Emily was too sad to reply.

The next morning Norman, the Naeglerio fowleri, was looking for a new home. He decided to burrow inside Sammy’s food, later that day when Sammy ate his lunch, he also accidentally ate Norman too. After he ate, he was not feeling well at all, so he went to his doctor, Suzy, the moon jelly.

“Why are you here?” Suzy asked.

“My whole body tingles!” yelped Sammy.

“Here let me take a look.”

After a few days of suffering, Sammy was feeling better. Amazingly, Sammy had gotten rid of Norman.

After the hectic few days, everything calmed down and Greg the Atlantic Jackknife clam went to his house in the eelgrass, but not before getting some dinner from the bacteria on the eelgrass’s stalks. They both said good night and went to sleep.

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