Welcome To The Grassland Biome By Won C and Mackenzie B!


In the biome of the grassland, there are only two seasons. They are called the growing season,and the dormant season. During
the growing season, the grasslands are hot and dry. Thats the season that many of the plants grow, it lasts form about 100-175 days. The average temperature in the growing season is about 21 degrees celsius. During the dormant season, the temperature is cold and the air is moist. The temperature can get to as low as -40 degrees celsius. Plants can't grow during this season because the weather is too cold for them to survive.

grassland summer
grassland winter

The grassland biome can be found all over the world. It covers some of North America, South America, Asia, Europe and most of Australia. In North America and South America, the grassy plains are large and flat and were discovered by early settlers who described them as prairies. The grasslands in Europe and Asia, are very grassy and have many hills. Grasslands cover mostly all of Australia and the climate there is mostly warm so the vegetation is plentiful.


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