Grassland Conservation

Problems in the grassland (by Mackenzie)-

There are many animals living in the grassland biome. Some of which include; Bison, Elephants and Lions. Over the years their numbers have gone down due to the hunting of these animals. Many people hunt these animals for the things they offer. For example; bison are hunted for their meat, lions for their coat and elephants for their tusks. Now the government is working to protect these animals by banning hunting in the grassland.

Positive Human Impact (by Mackenzie)-

A positive impact humans have on the grassland biome is that many people have started to plant more grass to extend the growth of the grassland biome. The government is aware of the issues of this biome and is working to prevent fires that people set so they can start a farmland there.

Negative Human Impact (by Won)-
Human’s have a negative impact on the grassland biome in many ways. One of the ways include cutting down trees. Recently 480,000 trees have been cut down. The human’s have been cutting down trees to improve pasture production.

Problems in the grassland (by Won)-
One problem human’s have caused in Grassland biome is burning legumes, damaging the soil. Humans have been burning down legumes for green growth. The fires also damaged the soil. But now people have been going back and help replant the burned down legumes, and the plants they burned down.


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