Grassland Fiction

One day Randy the rhino and Freddie the fox were playing outside and couldn’t decide what to do. “Lets have a race!” Randy suggested. “Sure! Sounds fun!” Freddie agreed.

Freddie the fox

“On your mark, get set. GO!” Randy cried as they ran down the grassy field. As Randy was running, he could feel tiny bugs getting kicked up in his face from his feet. “I can’t see! Freddie I can’t see!” Finally he made it to the finish line, but Freddie was already there. “No fair! I couldn’t see because of those pesky bugs!” “Why don’t you ask Bill to clean you up?” Freddie suggested.

Randy the rhino

“Oh right! Bill!” Randy cried. “Bill, where are you?” Bill the bobobird was the best Rhino cleaner around! “I’m coming! I’m coming!” Bill replied. Out flew Bill from his nest in the tree, and onto Randy’s back. “Do you mind cleaning these bugs off for me?” Randy asked. “Of course not! Its free lunch! So Bill sat and ate until Randy was clean. “Thanks Bill!” “No problem Randy!”

Freddie and Randy decided that it was their time for their lunch. So they went off in search for something to eat. “What do you feel like?” Randy asked. “Um…I want Rabbit!” “Ew! Ill just stick with grass!” Randy said.

Freddie went hunting, while Randy ate grass on the field. Freddie searched and searched for a rabbit, but found nothing. He decided to give up. While he was walking through the field, back to Randy, he stumbled upon Frank the field mouse. “I was hoping for a rabbit, but I guess a mouse will have to do!”

Frank the field mouse

“No! Please don’t eat me! Please!” Frank shrieked. “But I’m so hungry!” Freddie said as he picked Frank up with his sharp claws. “You don’t understand! I’m—“ But before little Frank could finish, Freddie had already eaten him whole.

Later that day, Freddie started feeling sick. Little did he know that what Frank was trying to tell him was that he was terribly sick. He decided to go to the doctor. The doctor told him he had been infected with a horrible parasite called E. coli. After a few days in the hospital, sadly Freddie died.

After Freddie’s death, his friends decided to have a funeral, so they called the called the best funeral planner around! His name is Burt the bumblebee. Burt accepts and began planning right away! “We need lots of flowers! Pollinated ones are the best!” Burt exclaimed. So Burt flew away to find the most beautiful flowers. “These should do!” Burt cried. He had come back with the most amazing flowers they had ever seen! “Now I must pollinate them!” said Burt. So he flew to every flower and pollinated them. Later that day, everyone arrived and the funeral began. They all loved all the wonderful flowers and will always remember Freddie the Fox.


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