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Location- Ocean Shores surround every continent, island, some countries and are all over the world. One example of an ocean shore is in Venice, Florida, located in the U.S.A. Also like Venice, Madagascar is warm too. Madasacar is located south of the equator and is the fourth largest island in the world.

World Map- Ocean Shores surronds all of the continents

Climate- Oceans shores are all over the world making for many diferent ocean shore climates, but one example of an ocean shore and its climate is in Venice, Florida, located in the U.S.A. The ocean shore in Venice has only two seasons; the dry season and the rainy/wet season. During the dry season (November through April) the average water temperature is thirty-three degrees celcius or seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit. Air temperature in the dry season, on average, is seventeen degrees Celcius, which is equivalent to about sixty-three degrees Fahrenheit. The amount of precipitation during the dry season is annually about 40.3 centimeters or 15.85 inches. During the rainy/wet season, (May through October) the average water temperature is thirty degrees Celcius or about seventy-one degrees Fahrenheit. Ocean shore beaches in the rainy/wet season are usually about twenty-six degrees Celcius, the same as seventy-nine degrees Fahrenheit
Venice, florida in the dry season
Venice, florida in the rainy season

Climate- As I said earlier, there are many different ocean shores. One of the ocean shores is the ocean shore of Madagascar. The ocean shore of Madagasacar also has only two seasons; being the wet/rainy season and the dry season. During the wet/rainy season (December through April) the amount of rain they get is 30-35cm. In the Dry Season the miniscule amount of rain that falls is a meer.The average tempeture is 28 degrees Celcius, 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Madagascar in the Rainy Season

Madagascar in the dry season


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