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Welcome to the Taiga Biome
Canada, Alaska, and Russia

The Taiga Biome is found in most of Canada, Central Alaska, Northern U.S.A, Russia, and parts of Europe, in the 45 degree to 75 degree latitude area. The landscape is full of coniferous trees. Some of them are Balsam Fir, Black Spruce, Douglas Fir, and Jack Pine. The Taiga also has Birch Trees. The Taiga is on the side of some Mountains. Some mountains are the Appalachian mountains and the Ural mountains in Russia.

Taiga Winter

Taiga in the summer

The Taiga has a moderately long summer. In thesummer the average temperature is 10 degrees Celcius. The average rainfall is 84 cm. The Taiga has a long winter. It is the longest season.The average temperature is -32 degrees Celcius.The average rainfall is 30 cm.
The Appalachian Mountain Taiga is a lot hotter than theTaiga in Alaska or in Russia. It probably gets more rainfall to.The Alaskan Taiga is a lot more scenic than the RussianTaiga, along with a much more diverse in its wildlife and plantlife.


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