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Welcome to the Temperate Deciduous Forest Home page made by Chloe B. and Bridget O.. Here you will learn about our Biome, the Temperate Deciduous Forest. You will learn about the Temperate Deciduous Forest`s climate, location, food web, conservation, bibliography, fiction, and extra facts. On this website you will discover the wonders of the Temperate Deciduous Forest. You might even find out threre is one in your own backyard!!!


Temperate Deciduous Forests

Temperate Deciduous forest biomes are virtually found all over the world.They are primarily located in the eastern half of the United States, Canada,Europe, parts of Russia, China, and Japan. Temperate Deciduous Forests are found in Europe stretching fom the British Isles and France through the central and eastern parts of Europe as far as the Ural Mountains. In East Asia Temperate Deciduous Forests cover the far East of Manchuria, Korea and Japan. Temperate Deciduous forests that are found in North America stretch all the way from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean and south to the Gulf of Mexico. Very few continents don`t have Temperate Deciduous Forests these continents are Africa and Antarctica. On the map above you will see that the areas shaded in green are where Temperate Deciduous Forests are located.


The Temperate Deciduous Forest's climate varies between its four different seasons. In the winter, the precipitation is less than in the summer. The amount of precipitation in the winter is around 33.56 centimeters. But in the summer the precipitation in the Temperate Deciduous Forest is 45.72 centimeters. In the Spring the precipitation is 6.75 centimeters which is a huge difference compared to the summer. During the Fall the precipitation is around 8 centimeters.

The seasons I have just talked about have different temperatures and you may want to know them. In the spring it is 10 degrees Celcius and in the summer it is 27 degrees Celcius. During the Fall the temperature averages around 10 degrees Celcius just like the spring and in the winter it averages around 0 degrees Celcius.

All deciduous forests have four seasons. These seasons change the environment. For example the summers get a lot of sunlight and they don't have extreme hot temperatures or extreme cold temperatures. The winters have less sunlight and colder temperatures. This is the climate in the Temperate Deciduous Forest. So all the deciduous forests around the world are all similar in certain characteristics.

in the fall of this biome
in the fall of this biome
in the summer of this biome
in the winter of this biome
in the winter of this biome
in the spring of this biome

these are examples of the seasons in fall, summer, winter, and spring.

Snow covered Deciduous forest landscape

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