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By: Bridget O. Chloe B. & Paige H-P

Problems in Temperate Deciduous Forest with Solutions;

Deforestation and the Solution of Reforestation

A problem in temperate deciduous forest is deforestation. Deforestation is when you cut down trees for your own use and purpose of it. And as a result, less than a quarter of the original forests remain. This is a major problem because then we have less oxygen to breathe because it wouldn't be being produced by the tree's leaves. To fix this problem, we should have reforestation as a solution. This would occur when we chop down our trees, we would replant new trees and there could be laws saying that it is manditory to do that such a thing. But the laws would have to say once you cut down the trees and replant them you would have to wait years for them to grow back before you cut them down again and repeat that over and over again. Then that would make more oxygen for us to breathe and our original forests would almost be the same as it use to be. So as much as we cut down we would be reproducing it at about the same pace. And that would be a good way to conserve our trees in the Temperate Deciduous forest biome.

Air Pollution and a Solution

One problem that we have caused in the temperate deciduous forest is industrial air pollution. In dustrial air pollution is the number one contributer to air pollution and it`s really harming our forests. The pollution from the fuels we burn are poisoning the soil, killing the wildlife and destroying our forests.
Using to much electricity is one cause of air pollution because the power plants have to burn enough fossil fuels to generatefactory.jpg enough electricity for us. So one way we can help stop air pollution is by using less electicity. You can do this by purchasing energy saving appliances, dry your clothes on a clothes line and adding extra insulation to your house.
Another way to stop air pollution is to speak up for clean air. For example you could write a letter to your local news paper about stoping air pollution. You can put up flyers and inform people about the threats of air pollution and you can warn people about the threats of air pollution.

Positive Impact on the Temperate Deciduous Forest

One thing people do to conserve our temperate deciduous forests is making national parks to preserve them. Many people are trying to make more of these parks to preserve more land.
Our forests benifit from having these national parks because it prevents people from cutting down the trees in the parks, littering and hunting.
Some of these national parks are the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, The Isle Royale National Park and the Shenandoah National park. Although we have these parks there is much more to be done.

Negative Impact on Temperate Deciduous Forest

Water_Pollution.jpgA large negative human impact on temperate deciduous forests is water pollution, in the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are in The United States and Canada and contain alot of fresh water, that is being polluted. Water pollution is a large impact on the enviroments health, wildlife, and our water source. Water pollution in these great lakes can mean many different things, but some of the main things that cuase pollution in the water is acid rain, and dumping waste into the lakes. These things should be a concern becuase these lakes are twenty percent of the earths fresh water. Many poeple do not realize these harmful things in The Great Lakes and do nothing to stop the pollution. Another reason that pollluting is dangerously effecting things, is that the fresh water in the lakes is home to alot of wildlife and they may die from the pollution in the water. This is a very large concern to our enviroment that many poeple do nothing to help, and it impacts the enviroment in a terrible way.

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