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One place where Tropical Rainforests are found, is the Amazon. The Amazon is the worlds largest tropical rainforest. It is also home to the largest variety of plants and animals. More Tropical Rainforest locations are the Zaire basin, eastern Madagascar, eastern coast of India, Assam, Southeastern Asia, New Guinea, and Queensland Australia.
These are the Tropical Rain Forest World locations

In the Tropical Rain forests climate, there are two seasons. A tropical wet and a tropical dry. These seasons are almost the same but one gets more rain than the other. The average temprature here is usually 30 degrees celsius year round. The average amount of rainfall each year is usualy around 125 to 660 cm of rain. Climates for Tropical Rainforests in different locations hardly change because all locations are near the equator and they only have two seasons.

Tropical rain forest wet season
Tropical rain forest wet season

Tropical rain forest dry season
Tropical rain forest dry season


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